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FAQ Page 2018-07-14T03:24:36+00:00
How soon can you start? 2018-07-14T03:21:57+00:00

We are busiest during the summer months, but continue to work in fall and winter.
Start dates may vary.

Do we remove the existing concrete before you arrive? 2018-06-15T03:03:32+00:00

No, we include both removal and replacement of the concrete area in our bids.

Do we have to be home when you’re there? 2018-06-15T02:59:37+00:00

We prefer to meet with you onsite during the bidding process. But you do not have to be present during the construction process.

Do I need to reinforce my concrete with wire? 2018-06-15T03:02:13+00:00

We do not recommend inserting wire into your concrete. If the project does require
reinforcement, we recommend using reinforced steel. This is something to consider during the
bidding process.

How much do projects cost? 2018-06-15T03:07:58+00:00

Every project is unique, call or email us with your questions and we would be happy to give you a consult on the most effective solutions.